This employment contract for the Sales Manager (Commission structure) is intended for sales managers responsible for a given distribution area in which car/car compensation is part of the benefit package and requires commission clauses and/or premium structure. In addition, this employment contract contains clauses relating to company cars or car allowances, as well as the provision of a laptop and a company credit card. For more information on tax issues related to staff benefits, visit the HM Revenue customs (HMRC) website. The commission and bonus clause refers to the employer`s own directives/schemes. The sales commission is paid to the sales manager on the basis of the sales of all sales agents who report to the Sales Manager:Sales Rep 1Sales Rep 2Sales The director only earns off-wave commissions if an invoice is paid in full to Debitor.xvOverride is calculated as a percentage of software licensing sales made by each sales agent who reports to the sales manager. Sales of the sales manager are not eligible for the override commission. i Each part of this document can be amended or replaced according to your needs.ii This date gives us information on the date on which this agreement was written and distinguishes it from other similar agreements.3 Complete the company name here.iv Fill the seller`s full name here.v Enter the start and end date of the actual sales plan period. Most companies use the start and end dates of the calendar or fiscal year for these values. Some companies may not have an end date Otherwise you can delete this section or say it as “The base salary is shown in a separate employment contract.vii Basic amount by period payable.viii Weekly, twice a week, two months, monthly, etcix If there is targeted compensation for the whole year, it can be entered here. Otherwise, this entire section can be removed.x This incentive encourages sales of higher products by paying higher commissions if the quota is exceeded.xi Enter here the amount of quotas. This could be a monthly or quarterly quota. It is also possible to have no quota at all.xii Replace with appropriate products or product families.

Alternatively, Products can be replaced by customers or business types.xiii Alternatively, a commission may be due for billing or shipping of goods or other events.xiv This incentive is an overcharge of all commercial agents who report to the Manager.xv A commission may be due for billing or shipping of goods or other events.xvi The commission rate may vary depending on the overall objectives and expected sales of all agents. Sales Manager is committed to complying with all federal and municipal laws while providing services to the company during the period of this agreement.2.