Recognizing that the development of trade relations and direct contact between Soviet organizations and American citizens and businesses will foster openness and mutual understanding, the United States has a surplus of $3.4 billion over Russia in 2019, an increase of 6.3% over 2018. The agreement will allow Russia to export goods to the United States while it will receive non-discriminatory treatment of its goods. We expect this agreement to create business opportunities for Russian companies and encourage the development of a market economy in Russia, while laying the groundwork for improved business opportunities for U.S. companies. 4. There is nothing in this note or agreement that limits the application of an existing or future agreement between the contracting parties on trade in textiles and textile products. 4. The spoofing, disclosure and use of a trade secret without the owner`s consent is illegal. (1) Given the importance of intellectual property and the need for its legal protection for the promotion of trade and economic cooperation and recognising the need to create more favourable conditions for adequate and effective legal protection of intellectual property and its application, the contracting parties agreed (a) to provide the public with information on the facilities and tourist sites of their respective countries. , travel trade and the media; 2. The export of freely convertible currencies outside its territory, including deposits or instruments representative of these currencies, is not permitted by any contracting party with respect to the trade in the products and services of nationals, businesses and organisations of the other party.

2. Each contracting party provides nationals, businesses and organisations of the other contracting party with access to non-confidential and unprotected data available on the national economy and specific sectors, including information on foreign trade. 1. Recognizing the mutual benefits to trade relations on the basis of this agreement and in accordance with the nation`s principles most respected in Article I, the parties, on the basis of reciprocity and without prejudice to relations with third countries, improve market access for the other party`s products and services and optimize reciprocal trade opportunities , notably through satisfactory reciprocity of market-opening measures resulting from multilateral negotiations. 2. Given the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in the context of trade expansion, the parties agree to give appropriate attention and support to small and medium-sized enterprises by encouraging business-to-business cooperation and facilitating the search for business partners, accessing publications and databases and providing them with information on the availability of technical innovations. The European Union and Russia have an important bilateral trade relationship. Russia is the EU`s fifth largest trading partner and the EU is Russia`s largest trading partner. As has already been pointed out, bilateral trade flows have fluctuated sharply in recent years.