(ii) If an event occurs that makes it impossible to carry out this Agreement, including a force majeure event. 19. This agreement will remain in force as long as both parties remain shareholders of the company in the manner above, unless it is denounced earlier, as stated in this agreement by written notification from one party to the other party of its intention to terminate this agreement: 26. This agreement is binding on the parties and for their respective successors and beneficiaries, but any transfer of the agreement by one party is not effective without the written agreement of the other party, which was given and obtained in the first place. 28. In the event of disputes or disputes between the parties or with respect to the rights and obligations arising from this agreement or with respect to a claim. Whether or not money from one party against the other or with respect to the interpretation and effect of the terms of this agreement, this dispute or difference is referred to the arbitration procedure of a common arbitrator if agreed or otherwise appointed to two arbitrators, one appointed by each of the parties to this agreement, and such arbitration procedure is governed by Indian arbitration and conciliation law. , 1996. The jurisdiction responsible for such arbitration is …………… India. b) The local company holds [%] % of the total share capital issued by the company throughout the period of that joint venture. 21. The failure of one of the parties to insist on the strict and ad hoc enforcement of the provisions of this agreement does not constitute a waiver or waiver of the right to claim such a benefit, nor should a waiver or Estoppel, in any case constitute a waiver or Estoppel with respect to a subsequent offence of the same nature or otherwise.

There is nothing in this provision that prevents a party from asserting its rights through remedies that are available in lieu of the termination of this contract in accordance with point 18 above. iv If the parties agree to terminate this contract. CONSIDERING that the local company runs, among other things, manufacturing stores………………. for the export of

. AND CONSIDERING that the foreign company exports, among other things, activities related to the manufacture of
. AND CONSIDÉRANT that after several consultations between the parties, the parties have expressed their intention to cooperate and establish a joint enterprise relationship with the production of
(hereafter referred to as “the product?) for the review and the conditions provided for. And while after negotiations between the parties, the Foreign Company agreed to name the Indian company as its agent in India and the Indian company agreed to act as such agent on the terms below recorded. 25. This agreement cannot be construed by either party as representing the other or the company as an agent of either party. Joint enterprise agreement between an Indian company and a foreign company for the manufacture of agreed products 28. The conditions, with the exception of the conditions contained in it, in which the foreign company has agreed to assist the company in engaging and providing the necessary assistance in the manufacture of this product by the company by providing the know-how and transferring its patents and trademarks, are contained in a draft agreement to be concluded between the company and the parties.

, and this project, approved by both parties and attached to the annex? one? is considered part of this agreement. Upon registration of that company, the draft contract is adopted by the company`s board of directors, then executed by and on behalf of the company and the parties, in order to be binding on the company.