The 11th hourly agreement meant that the complete shutdown of bus and seabus traffic was narrowly avoided for three days. The agreement came after more than 10 hours of negotiations at a Vancouver hotel, with both sides showing up to .m the message shortly before 12:30 p.m. Bus workers here receive an update of the details of the agreement from the picket captain, which has yet to be ratified. For now, they will all be in uniform at work tomorrow morning – #BusStrike The union said the company was not prepared to consider a pay comparison with Toronto bus drivers and SkyTrain maintenance employees, which is a difference of about $3 per hour. The company said their offer of a 9.6 percent increase for bus drivers and a 12 percent increase for craftsmen already exceeded other public comparisons. It is not known how their positions on both sides have evolved to find common ground within this $150 million wage gap. TransLink said there is no change to transit extension plans at this time. Details of Wednesday`s deal have not yet been released. Unifor transit workers announce preliminary deal with Coast Mountain Bus Company #transitstrike VANCOUVER — Details are still secret, but an interim agreement reached by the Transit Workers Union and its employer early Wednesday morning, according to Unifor, will likely be voted on by union members within the next seven to 10 days.

“This contract recognizes that Unifor members are the backbone of Metro Vancouver`s transit system. We look forward to being an integral part of an expanding system that keeps this region moving. Unifor employees set up tents and banners on the picket line outside the Hudson Street transit centre in Vancouver on Tuesday in case the strike continued. The red canvas, burned down, came down almost as fast as it got up when news of the agreement arrived on the employees. There will be no transit strike! The partners have reached an interim agreement. Transit is not disrupted at all! @UniforTheUnion @TransLink #transitstrike #TranslinkStrike @cbcnewsbc “It`s not perfect like any deal, but our members are very happy,” said Unifor`s regional director, I`m Gavin McGarrigle. Passengers at the Vancouver intersection of Cambie and Broadway before dawn on Wednesday were unanimously relieved after waking up to learn that their commuters had not been plunged into chaos overnight. The crossroads is an important transit point in the city, with fast arterial traffic and buses in all directions. BREAKING: We`re not happy that the Coast Mountain Bus Company shares, and Unifor Locals 111 and 2200 have reached a preliminary agreement! We are working on regular schedules for all modes of transit tomorrow, Wednesday, November 27, “If you allow the fare negotiation process to take place, it works most of the time,” Bains told CBC`s The Early Edition on Wednesday. “I recommend [both parties] because they put their client, the transit driver, first.” The risk of a work stoppage has prompted students and other regular transit users to organize carpooling and explore other options for getting around. The work operation began on 1 November with a uniform ban on transit carriers and a ban on overtime for maintenance workers.

On 15 November, union action intensified when bus companies refused overtime.